Why Naturality?

Each one of us is born with a natural creativity that is meant to be expressed in its entirety throughout our lives. Since birth, humans need to be nurtured to ensure their survival, development, and physical and psychological safety. More often than not, this nurture leads to social and psychological conditioning which does not allow full expression of our creativity, so we find ourselves torn between what our nature intends and what our nurture dictates.
This often results in a sense of emptiness, conflict, and/or feelings of dissatisfaction in our lives, and we begin wanting “more” – more fulfillment, more easiness, more harmony, more something. We explore many possibilities to find whatever meaning or purpose we are looking for, such as roads that lead to wealth, power, academia, thrill-seeking, shallow relationships, and intense religious and spiritual practices. Interestingly, sometimes we even engage in acts of benevolence and social welfare as we chase a permanent feeling of true harmony within ourselves. However, while all these endeavors manage to give us glimpses of internal well-being, they are mere stopgaps and do not result in an eternal state of true inner contentment.
The framework of Naturality sets us on a journey to the full unfolding and expression of our natural self. On this path, the unnecessary falls away from our lives as we journey towards a fulfilled life in which not only our creativity reaches its zenith, but so do we as individuals.