The Teachings

Naturality is a non-linear, open-ended, ever-evolving framework of teachings that changes and grows as the people exploring it do. The truth is that we all are always walking our natural path, but understanding the framework makes us more aware of our natural selves and our natural path. This knowledge helps us fully discover our natural creativity and ability for self-expression, which then allows us to become fully-functional individuals.
Naturality is a wave – a movement in which there are no gurus or to-do lists. There are only friends and facilitators who are themselves on a personal journey and walking their natural paths. There are many continuously-evolving programs designed to act as guides to a space where individuals can fully realize, express, and celebrate themselves.

The essential elements of the teachings, further explained in the various programs of Naturality, are

Know the natural personality

Since Naturality is about us and is a personal process, it starts with understanding how our unique mind, body, and emotions integrate into our natural personalities. This awareness is key to our relationships with ourselves and the world.

Build a healthy identity

Growing up, socio-cultural conditioning forms our identity. The identity helps us to survive and function efficiently within world’s framework. If the formative process is not well-adjusted, an unhealthy identity forms, which leads to many physical and mental health problems along with emotional distress. Naturality guides us to build a healthy identity, maximizing our lifestyle.

Experience the flow

Flow is the feeling of gliding through the world with ease and energy. We are fully aligned with our surroundings. The body is relaxed, the senses are sharp, and the mind is calm, open and focused. We touch new peaks of creativity and become pioneers. These are the moments when our natural self finds its true and full expression. Naturality gives us an elaborate understanding of various tools that facilitate the experience of these moments of flow, and the tools that resonate with our mind and body can be taken as a personal first step.

Discover the inner guru

A major milestone on the Naturality path is the discovery of our inner guru, which is when our natural self completely awakens. It is a feeling of being centered within and being at home wherever we are. It is the inner GPS that guides us through the complexities of the world with clarity, calmness and full awareness. Our inner guru brings a natural discipline to life, which allows us to express our creativity fearlessly, effortlessly, and with joy. It allows us to feel deeply and completely healed from within, as our body functions with ease and natural balance, our emotions are vibrant and smooth as they connect our inner and outer worlds, while our thoughts flow, articulate and communicate with their natural rhythm. In essence, our inner guru helps us to fulfill the natural purpose of our life.

Explore the centres of consciousness

The centers of consciousness, traditionally known as chakras, are located on the areas of the body and brain where the energy flow is at its maximum. The experience of strong energy sensation is due to the awakening of our nervous system, which typically lies partially dormant due to social and cultural conditioning. Once awakened, these centers become links to fuller experiences of physical, emotional, and intellectual consciousness.