The Teachings

Naturality is a non-linear, open-ended, ever-evolving framework of teachings that changes and grows as the people exploring it do. The truth is that we all are always walking our natural path, but understanding the framework makes us more aware of our natural selves and our natural path. This knowledge helps us fully discover our natural creativity and ability for self-expression, which then allows us to become fully-functional individuals.
Naturality is a wave – a movement in which there are no gurus or to-do lists. There are only friends and facilitators who are themselves on a personal journey and walking their natural paths. There are many continuously-evolving programs designed to act as guides to a space where individuals can fully realize, express, and celebrate themselves.

The essential elements of the teachings, further explained in the various programs of Naturality, are

Learn – How to build an identity

Naturality begins with the development of a healthy identity. Growing up, socio-cultural conditioning forms our identity. This identity helps us to survive and function efficiently within the world. Unhealthy identity leads to many physical and mental health problems including emotional distress.

Know – Your natural personality

We are born with our natural personality. As we discover it, our relationship with ourselves and the world becomes deeper and nurturing. We live a healthy life.

Understand – The natural crisis

Facing our subconscious is essential if we want to go beyond identity and natural personality. Subconscious hides feelings of guilt, anger, and fear; memories of trauma, failure and despair; wounds and scars from painful events of the past but also it contains the light, insight, creativity and joy. Natural crisis illuminate the darkness and helps in healing and transformation.

Discover – Your natural self

Discovery of our inner guru is a major milestone on the path of Naturality. Inner guru is the awakening of our natural self. It is the inner GPS that guides us through the complexities of the world with clarity, calmness and awareness. In natural self the inner nature meets the outer nature in complete harmony.

Realize – Expansive mind, expansive stillness and expansive fullness

As we move beyond the natural self we enter into the Expansive Mind and feel a sense of oneness with the world.  It brings the experience of universal love, a love that is not selective or limited.

Expansive Stillness is the pure witnessing consciousness without name, form, time or space. It stands apart in silence and stillness, unmoved and unaffected by the ever changing universe.

In Expansive Fullness, gap between absolute, timeless consciousness and the timebound relative world disappears. Body, feelings, thoughts, living and non-living beings are filled with their inherent fullness. There is no deficiency in this state and so there are no desires.  Nothing is illusion. All is truth without a beginning or end. One arrives at the very source of existence.