Naturality Self-Knowing Residential Program

17 Days Program
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The Naturality program is hosted and facilitated by Jivasu, the founder of Naturality and Shivagi, co-founder of the Naturality India programs. To learn more, please visit

Naturality – Introduction

Naturality is not another system of knowledge but a process of self-knowing. During the course of our lives, we gather plently of knowledge and experiences but they are often fragmented and scattered. There is often little harmonious connection between our life experiences and everything that we have learned. However, we all experience certain moments of clarity and wholeness despite the fragmentation. Naturality is a process that helps to bring the fragments of our lives together and then connect them, out of which insight about ourselves emerges. Such insight becomes the guiding light on life’s path and leads to self-knowing and fulfilment. The journey of Naturality is grounded in one’s own unique realities rather than in the grand promises of philosophies and teachers.

The Essence of the Program

The program is thoughtfully designed to allow people to connect with themselves, understand their life journey, and very importantly, get back in the normalcy of their lives with ease and with a sense of self-awareness. For this to naturally happen, there are certain unique features embedded at the core of the program:

  • The sessions are held both indoors and outdoors, taking the participants to various pristine natural locations in and around Rishikesh, including the sessions at the white sand beach of Ganga, the place of our stay
  • The sessions are more participative than monologues, more experiential than theoretical
  • An essential feature is multiple one-on-one interactions with each participant to understand how to integrate it all into your own life
  • A renowned anthropologist will lead us on a guided trip to a beautiful heritage site
  • A visit to an ancient meditation cave, where an ecologist talks about the co-dependence of inner nature with the outer nature
  • An opportunity to learn about Ayurvedic lifestyle management by an experienced Ayurvedic doctor
  • An opportunity to meditate with the breathtaking sunrise over the snow capped Himalayan peaks
  • A reflective visit to a place where a piece of cloth changes a million lives and creates a platform for local women’s empowerment
  • A memorable nature trek to a picturesque water fall


*Environmental and social responsibilities are inherently woven into the fabric of Naturality, such as minimal waste generation, zero plastic use, recyclable and environmental friendly locally sourced products.

Core Teachings

  • Each one of us is born with our unique nature
  • Fear and guilt prevent us from living according to our nature, leading to discontentment
  • In the current global culture, a healthy identity is an essential foundation in the process of becoming free from fear and guilt
  • An unhealthy identity results in many mind-body problems including emotional distress, anxiety and depression
  • Understanding the unique natural personality with which we are all born is the beginning of self-knowing. Our natural personality is the integrating framework for body, emotions and thoughts, the very core of our survival and growth
  • Our Natural personality is the door through which we enter into our natural self. Natural self is the experience of a fully functional and creative individual, which prepares us to experience higher levels of consciousness.
  • Biology and body are the underpinning of all the experiences on the path of Naturality. This path begins with our body in slumber and ends with the fully awakened blissful body.

Highlights and Topics


  • Daily practice of gentle Yoga, Pranayam, and a variety of Meditations
  • Naturality of Love and Relationships:

Love is the very essence of life which expresses itself through revolutions and creativity, sex and romance and through the functioning and growth of the world and nature. Without it, it is impossible to imagine existence. But in spite of its omnipresence, it remains elusive. We catch glimpses of love in million of ways but seldom witness its full nature. The Naturality of love and relationships explores the reasons for this lack of love and the solution doesn’t lie in more relationships, power, wealth, knowledge and technology but rather, within ourselves, at the center of  our being, which we call Natural Self.

  • Naturality of Aging and Old Age:

As we retire and age, should we metaphorically hang up our boots or instead, find new shoes to walk a new path? Many ancient thinkers suggested the latter was a better option. They believe the body ages, not the spirit. The brain supports the spirit as it becomes more holistic through a life time of experiences and becomes better connected within, which compensates for the losses we experience in old age. In the Naturality of Aging and Old Age, we discover how aging is an opportunity for new explorations and adventure. The adventure is not only in the external world, but primarily within ourselves. It’s a time to fulfil our cherished dreams and discover the essence of our existence. Such discovery not only brings creative potential to the fore but also leads to self-knowing and fulfilment.

  • Naturality of Dreams:

Like waking life, dreaming is another state of consciousness. The only difference is that our consciousness is focussed on the inner world. During dreaming, the insignificant memories of the day are sorted out, incomplete stories of life are looked at again and also we are diving into the ocean of the universal mind. Universal mind connects us to the totality of life and brings us in contact with our creative and transformative energy, locked in symbols and metaphor that float in our consciousness. The Naturality of Dreams is the art and science of becoming aware of our dreams and decoding their message to guide us in our daily life, to become creative, to be healed and to ultimately be transformed.

  • Naturality of Emotional and Mental Health:

The current emphasis on individual fulfilment has brought about the explosion of creativity and innovation. Many enterprising individual in the past were prevented from expressing their talents because of a close knit community and/or family. But individualism is a double-edged sword. While it allows the individual to discover personal strength and creativity, it also exposes their weaknesses. This is true particularly for those who are vulnerable and not as mentally robust. Before the era of individualism, emotional and mental vulnerability were absorbed by the family, community and religious institutions. But now, those protective walls are disappearing. Many Individuals are psychologically alone and that too in a world that is fast paced and competitive. Stress caused this type of life brings dormant emotional and mental health problems to the fore.

The Naturailty of emotional and mental health problems explores these issues in depth and helps us to discover our own vulnerability by discovering the natural personality. Such discovery will help us not to shun the path of individual fulfilment, but take such measures to discover and use our dormant strengths that help to keep us healthy and stable. We can continue to walk the path without becoming sick or disabled by emotional and mental health problems.

  • Naturality of Death and Dying:

We plan everything in our life meticulously. Our education, marriage, family and children, friends, work, home, holidays and retirement. But we don’t plan for the inevitable event of death. The reason for not exploring, discussing and planning death, is the fear of dying itself. The fear of dying comes from the thought of complete cessation of consciousness. It is not the death of the body that frightens us. It’s the possibility of non-existence of our identity, which is unbearable. But many research studies have shown that the fear of death is mainly anticipatory and when a person enters into death and experiences it fully, it may be positive and peaceful. The Naturality of Death and Dying explores the phenomenon of death and how we can gain insights into it through discourse, dialogues and techniques. We can then help others die peacefully and also accept our own death (before it even occurs) to live fully.


The lush contemporary campus is a tropical oasis, situated a few kilometers away from Rishikesh, in the middle of pleasant natural surroundings. The campus has many natural pathways, a white sand beach on the river Ganga and beautiful serene environment. With wholesome food and clean, comfortable rooms, it is the ideal location to embark on a journey of self knowing.

And more:

  • The program is immediately followed by one week of free International Yoga and Music festival (November 1-7). This annual festival has been running since 2008 and is organized by Nad Yoga Trust, a non-profit organization and is sponsored by Nada Yoga Schoolwith an aim to give all people, regardless of socio-economic status, an opportunity to learn yoga and Indian classical music from the team of professional teachers from Rishikesh, India and abroad. Starting 2017, the festival is organized in association with Naturality. To know more, please visit Accommodation and food arrangments will need to be organized by interested participants (assistance and recommendations can be provided on request).
  • On request, assistance and recommendations can be provided to participants who would like customized/personal trips into the Himalayas

Bookings: This program has limited seats. A deposit of 200 USD / 15,000 INR is required to reserve your spot. For payment options or any other query, please contact Jivasu at or Shivagi at

Inclusions: Accommodation (double occupancy), all the meals (from lunch on 14th till breakfast on 30th), all local travel and course materials. This does not include pick up/drop off from railway station/airport. Separate arrangements can be made upon request.

Event Details

Date: October 14, 2018 - October 30, 2018

Venue: Osho Gangadham, Rishikesh, India

Fee: 600 USD/35,000 INR Double Occupancy

Contact: Jivasu, Shivagi


Mobile: +91-9811949274