Born in Tehran, Iran in 1972 to deaf and mute parents, Mira mastered sign language and developed an intuitive grasp of the human mind in order to understand and help her parents.  Her spiritual journey began when the war between Iran and Iraq destroyed her home town. War and destruction left deep fear and anxiety in her. These problems were deepened by the strict rules of religion that led to guilt. But instead of crippling her she was put on the path of relentless questioning and authentic spirituality which was further inspired by Rumi’s teachings.

After graduating from high school Mira immigrated to Canada where she completed a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education. She started working as a high school science teacher in 2000 and still teaches today.

Immigrating to Canada was not easy. She struggled with a new culture and language, felt rootless, which caused sense of deep sorrow and resulted in depression. It was during this time that she met Jivasu and began exploring the teachings of Naturality. Naturality teachings have helped her to re-build her broken self-image and self-esteem from the inside out. She felt a sense of freedom from past traumas and her understanding of her natural self deepened. In 2008 she became a certified Naturality meditation teacher and to this day she has been teaching meditation with Jivasu and other teachers in Hamilton and Toronto.

She is not bound by fear and sorrow anymore and enjoys a sense of well-being and peace.



For as long as she remembers, Shivagi’s life has been a search for something indefinable. She is the third child in a regular north Indian family and was born fiery, inquisitive and independent, never content to accept life, with all its limitations, at face value. The world around her often perceived her as someone strong yet rebellious, fickle-minded. While in the worldly sense, she was experiencing varying measures of success in her professional life as an engineer and an HR executive, working with multinationals, heading start ups, and making her way to becoming an independent trainer, speaker and a mentor; inside, she was extremely vulnerable having a deep desire to find the answers to her longing and a space in which ‘life lives through her’.

Her restlessness took her to a lot of ashrams and gurus and brought her in touch with various philosophies and spiritual/healing teachings/practices. She did crazy travels, met interesting people under different circumstances, kept learning from her pleasant/unpleasant experiences, but something just did not fit in. She had not just been changing multiple jobs but frequently changing professions all together. When she had reached the peak of her internal crisis, in the October of 2016, quite unexpectedly, she met Jivasu in the town of Rishikesh and got introduced to Naturality. A peek into Jivasu’s life and his unassuming ability to answer her incessant questions about everything, initiated certain kind of natural integration in her.

Shivagi found in Naturality that grounded space that she had been looking for all along. But Naturality does not signal the end of her questions, instead, it is just the beginning of another, much more beautiful journey – a journey which, although full of unknowns, seems quite clear to her now.

Shivagi currently resides in Dehradun and is the co-founder of Naturality programs in India. Her journey was never devoid of any adventure or risks, but she has now embarked upon a journey of boundless inner adventure which is finding a wholesome expression in her life.

Michelle Baldin

Born and raised in Hamilton, Canada, Michelle Baldin is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher. After a life changing situation, Michelle believes yoga foundits way to her, and saved her. She completed her 200 hour Therapeutic Yoga Training (Hatha) under the gentle guidance of Heather Greaves and additional 100 hours of specialized meditation training with Jivasu.

In addition to her yoga training, Michelle has completed mindfulness courses, including a 10 day silent Vipassana retreat, lead by S.N. Goenka.

In 2015, Michelle travelled to India with a group led by Jivasu and completed a 100 hour training in yoga asanas, philosophy, and meditation. Jivasu also introduced her to the teachings of Naturality, which ties into Michelle’s yoga style and her teachings in her mindfulness classes.

Another teacher who helped her in learning alignment in her Yoga practice was Parveen Nair, an accomplished Iyengar yoga teacher in Rishikesh, India.

On a personal level, Michelle enjoys her mindful moments as a full time educator, raising three beautiful children, strength training, and helping people in and around Hamilton with yoga movements and mindfulness practices. When she does have extra time, she mindfully draws and dances through her asanas.

Leanne Hart

Leanne was born and raised in Toronto. After graduating from the Funeral Service Program, she and her husband moved to Dunnville to open their own funeral home.  They are the proud parents of 5 children.

She came to meditation and yoga after the death of her daughter. She found a sense of peace and stillness within these practices. Leanne received her yoga and meditation certification in 2008 and 2014. She is continuously expanding on her base knowledge. In 2012, she met Jivasu at a meditation workshop she attended. The simplicity of Naturality resonated with her and she went on to India to delve deeper into these practices.

She is currently teaching workshops on life and death, yoga and meditation.  She loves to travel as she believes that growth happens when we are taken out of our comfort zone.

Through Naturality and life’s teachings, she has come to a point in her life where she accepts life and death on equal terms. Her last goal in this life is to be consciously aware of her last breath.

Heidi Dotchin

Heidi is an adult educator and certified Naturality teacher.  She became interested in meditation in 2003 as a way of dealing with chronic pain and anxiety.  Through daily practice the suffering lessened and eventually became a source of transformation. Heidi feels that self-knowing, self-care, and compassion are the keys to well-being.

Sonia Seguin

Sonia Seguin holds a Master’s in Business and Economics from Wilfrid Laurier and is a trained Yoga and Meditation teacher. She has worked with young women suffering from eating disorders and body image issues, offering yoga and peer support through social enterprise, Body Brave. Sonia is on the board of prominent Hamilton community organization Student Open Circles. Sonia suffered from an eating disorder during her late teens and early 20s. Through a unique combination of tools and skills, she was able to achieve recovery.  Body Brave’s innovative approach to healing from an eating disorder is based on the principles of Naturality.