The word meditation comes from the Latin root meditatum, which means to ponder. Dhyai comes from the Sanskrit root dhyai, meaning to contemplate or meditate. It also means attention. In Naturality meditation is described as ‘Relaxation, Awareness and Expansion of Awareness’ which leads to a life-altering experience of deprogramming the body and brain.

Meditation as the Path to formation of identity and discovery of Natural Self

Relaxation is an essential beginning to awareness and healing on the path to wellness. It is also one of the main motivators for individuals as they begin to explore meditation, looking for relief from the stresses of modern life – stresses which are taking an increasing toll on individuals, families, communities – the entire culture.  While living in chronic stress and conflict awaken an old physiological response in the body called the “fight, flight or freeze” response, even the early effects of meditation can reverse the stress reaction, bringing relaxation to the body and mind. Not surprisingly, the relaxed mind is a more aware mind; the meditator is now able to access the energy required to observe and contemplate. It helps in formation of a healthy identity.

Such calmness allows the individual to become more aware and see life’s problems with clarity, and, rather than seeking escape in its many forms, deal with them directly and move on. It is only natural that this aware, relaxed approach leads to healing and well-being.

But many are not aware that meditation can bring much more than healing and well-being. When an individual is established in deep relaxation, with the mind remaining calm in the midst of life’s turmoil, a point may come when body and mind unite in full awareness. When the great divide between the body and the mind ends consciously, a profound integration takes place between these two components of existence.  Accompanied by a constant replenishment of well-being and joy, this powerful integration elicits an awakening of the previously suppressed intelligence of the body, emotions and intellect. At last there comes a full acceptance of one’s own mortality, which all along has been the major (and largely unconscious) source of fear, anxiety and dis-ease.

Now, while witnessing the vibrancy of the outer world, the individual becomes a silent observer of his/her now natural inner life of thoughts and emotions. Slowly this witnessing becomes spontaneous and constant, continuing without effort. It is at this point that intentional meditation ends and life itself becomes the meditation. The brain and body have been deprogrammed and life is lived with a measure of wholeness and freedom that was unimaginable until now. This is the state of Natural Self.


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