Naturality is to  live according to our nature and walk our own path.

The founder

A multitude of life experiences brought Jivasu to connect with his natural self and embrace and realize Naturality as a way of life, which he then developed into a system of teachings.

He was born an inquisitive child, and even at a very young age, sought something ‘more’ in his life. Unfortunate experiences caused Jivasu to harbor a great fear of death, which in turn caused him deep levels of anxiety and stress. This stress manifested as health problems, which inspired him to seek a lifestyle that allowed him to live in total harmony with himself. At age 28 while attending medical school, Jivasu met and fell in love at first sight with Karen Trollope, now his wife. Meeting her was the pivotal moment in his life and inspired him to re-examine his childhood, his fears and his anxieties through the lens of love. He says that ‘love is the best mirror to reveal all that is ugly and beautiful in us’.

Along his journey, Jivasu has had many profound experiences, and in an attempt to better understand them, he integrated the experiences with his in-depth knowledge of the human body as a medical doctor. This search for understanding led to the emergence of Naturality, which is neither a religious nor a spiritual system, but is natural. Currently, he is teaching Naturality-based programs in Canada, India and Japan, and he is also the author of many books.


Jivasu’s life and its relation to the emergence of Naturality


Jivasu was born on August 23


He had a rich childhood marked by mischief and adventure


At the age of 10, Jivasu was first confronted with the fact that he could die in the aftermath of an earthquake. This experience caused him to develop the fear of death, which filled him with deep anxiety that continued to persist in his life.


His deep-seated anxiety pushed Jivasu to read and search for something without knowing exactly what he was looking for. Through his readings which spanned a wide variety of literature, his search turned inwards.


Jivasu was admitted to medical school. In addition to the regular curriculum (which often bored him), he travelled alone through the Garhwal hills and plunged deep into the works of great Indian authors and western philosophers. He gained enough insights into medicine to understand the spiritual experience in the context of the brain and neuroscience.


This year, Jivasu fell in love at first sight with his future wife Karen. Love, one of the best lenses of self-reflection, prompted him to re-examine his entire life up until that point.


He moved to Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh where he served as a pediatrician. In this year, he had a dramatic and profound “spiritual” experience. He spent time trying to understand and explain this experience.


Jivasu got married


He started working as a volunteer doctor in the Garhwal Hills which gave him a glimpse of the best and worst of humanity.


An unfortunate experience shook his world and became instrumental in showing him another dimension beyond fear, made up of total peace and tranquility. The experience triggered a severe existential crisis within him, and while the grim realities of his stressful daily life returned, he began to suffer many physical and psychological health problems.


Searching for answers regarding his various ailments, Jivasu stumbled upon an ancient Indian healing tradition known as Ayurveda, which he realized had incredible insights and value to our lives today. He learned about creating a lifestyle of overall well-being that reflects one’s unique nature and he connected his understanding to biology and neuroscience.


Jivasu moved to Canada with his family. On September 7 of this year, at the age of 40, he had a very unique and singular experience. Something felt different; his body was full of pleasant sensations; his brain felt crystal clear, as if it had been completely cleaned of all unwanted thoughts, feelings and memories. A deep sense of well-being flowed through his mind and body and it was a very profound moment of awakening for him.


Jivasu began to experience an expanded awareness, with regular states of spontaneous meditation and creative insight. While these new sensations were delightful, they were also unsettling.


In an effort to thoroughly understand these states of mind and body, Jivasu looked for answers in the realms of philosophy, religion, and spirituality. Instead of finding clear answers, he often found beliefs and dogmas and it is during this time that a new system of teachings known as Naturality began to emerge.


In these years, Jivasu also realized the Expansiveness Meditation (Braham Dhyan) and the Breath of Dissolution (Kaljayi Pranayam) which are the key elements of Naturality


Jivasu became aware of his natural purpose in life, which was to initiate the Naturality movement. In doing so, he connected with an increasingly growing number of seekers interested in Naturality.


He realized the Naturality of politics, economy, education, arts and sciences.

2017 onwards

With the help of many seeker friends, the movement of Naturality is now preparing to make a global wave.