Discovering Destiny

Destiny is the feeling of a clear, conscious purpose in life that emerges from our natural self. A sense of destiny fills life with passion and meaning. It is not a job or a duty; it’s a movement that continues until death. It never ends and we never retire because when we arrive at a certain point, another journey begins. It may or may not be useful to society and we may or may not receive rewards for it. Yet when we are on that journey, we do not need external rewards, because the experience of passion, meaning and well-being satisfy that desire for reward.

Destiny is not an intellectual or emotional concept—it is embedded in each cell of the body. It soaks whole of mind and body. Our social and cultural environment may help it to flower, but the seed of destiny already exists in us. Life’s purpose is to discover this seed of destiny and allow it to grow into a full tree.

Destiny ignites passion and unites the mind and body in a harmonious whole. It’s there all the time and continuously gives us insights. We are born with our destiny. If we believe in reincarnation or rebirth, then destiny is the continuation of the story of our past lives, threads of which we pick up in this life. If we don’t believe in rebirth/reincarnation, then destiny lies in our genetic and epigenetic makeup. It’s predetermined but has flexibility. It has definite roots but also wings; the roots are in our body and the lower part of the brain, while the wings are in the newest part of cerebrum where we interact with the society and culture.

The basic nature of our destiny is innate and comes from within, but its expressive form has immense freedom and is directly related to the environment in which we live. For example, if a person is destined to become a leader, that leadership role may take on different forms depending on where that person is born. He or she may become a family, tribal, business, spiritual, community or national leader.

Unfortunately, many of us never discover our destiny. We die, still longing for passion, meaning and fulfillment in life, and we feel as if our work has been left unfinished. Fear and guilt are the reasons behind this. Destiny is a step into the unknown and fear is the response to the unknown.


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