Colors of Naturality

The framework of Naturality is comprised of many different aspects that help us understand the various dimensions of our lives. These aspects are extensively discussed across the programs of Naturality.

Love and Relationships

We use other people to satisfy our desires for safety, pleasure, affection, and attention. Normally, we seek romantic relationships with other people in an effort to complete ourselves. These relationships are between subject and object, in which we are the subject and the other person is the object. However, in such shallow relationships, our mind and body eventually becomes desensitized to the other person and we stop feeling the same sense of pleasure from the union, so it comes to an end, and we then try to find someone (or something) else to replace the feeling of completeness. This is how we begin a never-ending cycle of temporary relationships.

Naturality helps us connect with our natural self, which leads us to feel at ease with ourselves. When we feel ‘complete’ within ourselves, we do not seek this completeness in other people. Thus, when we enter a relationship while walking our natural path, it is between subject and subject – we treat the other person like a whole, complete person meant to complement us, instead of treating them as an object meant to satisfy us. These relationships have a sense of equality, and are more meaningful. The source of love and energy comes from within us, and so it does not disappear; it is self-sustaining and is expressed within the relationship instead of being fuelled by it. We find freedom in our relationships instead of seeking freedom from them.

Complete Beauty

Traditionally, beauty has been based on narrow physical parameters, which is an inadequate definition. As a term, beauty is now increasingly coming to reflect the inner qualities of a person, which are equally or even more important than physical attributes. Naturality defines beauty as the experience of delight and well-being brought by the harmonious functioning of the mind and body. When we are connected to our natural self, our inner ease is reflected in our radiant skin, lustrous eyes, erect posture and energetic movements, and we are also loving, attentive, patient and calm. We are living in complete beauty at the intersection of our emotions, mental processes and biological processes.

Mental Health

In the last few years, many ailments have been found to be rooted in inborn psychological problems. While all of us have the potential to become mentally ill, most of us do not. A strong, stable identity keeps our mind and body in balance. Nonetheless, even those of us without clear mental health issues do not live at ease within ourselves; we struggle to cope with the stresses of life. We are not able to let go of the baggage of our past, and continue to feel burdened by it. An individual without a strong identity will not be able to keep these stresses under control, and will be at risk for developing minor and major health problems.

With the support of a healthy identity, we can begin to address the root of the mental baggage we carry around. Naturality thereby decreases the risk of mental health issues by cleaning out our minds and developing a healthy avenue of self-expression.

Mind Body Medicine

The mind and body are not two distinct entities. If the body has a problem, the mind will be affected by it and vice-versa. However, most people experience a split between the mind and body, and they view them as separate entities. The disconnect manifests as many health problems and a general uneasiness and lack of flow in life. Though we do not realize it, a mind-body split also causes a vast majority of our creativity to remain unrealized and unexpressed. Naturality heals this mind-body split and allows us to live as a fully integrated, harmonious being.

Yoga and Meditation

In Naturality, meditation is defined as ‘Relaxation, Awareness and Expansion of Awareness’. Naturality programs offer a variety of established meditation practices, but also offer techniques original to Naturality, including Expansiveness (Brahman) meditation. Not all meditation techniques suit all people, so we give participants every opportunity to choose the technique they best connect with.

Meditation becomes a spontaneous activity for those living according to their natural self. All conscious techniques melt away and the individual is in a constant, almost automatic state of meditation at all times. Naturality guides a shift from techniques of meditation to meditation itself.

Yoga is not a specific set of poses, but instead, is a natural set of movements meant to enhance energy movement within an individual. These postures are unique to each person. Any movement and/or posture of the body can be considered yoga, as long as the body can sustain the pose with ease while simultaneously maintaining regular, effortless breathing.

Within the framework of Naturality, the purpose of meditation and yoga is to make us aware of the moments when we are in spontaneous flow and experiencing an overall sense of well-being. Meditation techniques and the practice of yoga do not produce these moments, but they make us aware of them as they naturally occur.

Aging and Old Age

We feel burdened by old age due to a mind-body dichotomy. Our mind simply cannot accept the fact that we are not aging, and we become stuck in old patterns of self-expression that our aged body cannot support. As we explore our natural self, we discover new energy and new avenues of self-expression that are complementary to our body. Our mind-body split begins to heal and our mind starts to accept the aging body.

Healing this mind-body split allows us to experience a sacred feeling of flow within ourselves as we start living in the present instead of in the past. We begin to see old age and aging as an opportunity to understand and express our inner self in new ways. This feeling of easiness is the first step to preparing for death with peace and equanimity.

Death and Dying

Life and death are two sides of the same coin; they are both complementary sides of nature itself. We cannot live fully without accepting death, and we cannot die in peace if we have not lived fully. However, our minds hold life and death as two separate and mutually exclusive concepts instead of accepting that they are as closely integrated as light and dark, night and day. Our mind urges us to cling to life and to escape death, but in truth, our fear of death becomes a mental prison. Our fear and anxiety prevents us from living a fulfilled life, and in turn, when it is finally time for death, we are anxious that we have not lived fully enough, so we don’t want to die.

As we live according to our natural self, the cycle of fear and escape comes to an end. We accept our mortality, and as a result, start living with increased vitality. Naturality explores the causes of the fear of death, the physical process of dying, and answers a most haunting question: what happens when we die?