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The word meditation comes from the Latin root meditatum, which means to ponder. Dhyai comes from the Sanskrit root dhyai,...

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What Happy Naturals Say About Us

I feel like I am so changing to meet Naturality. If you want to find real yourself,or know real spirituality,I strongly recommend.

Sasaki Issei

Naturality comes to me in the moment that I was needing more. It give me the answers to my doubts without even ask. Is helping me to understand myself each day more and live with self love and self acceptance. Highly recommended to spread this project. There is nothing more important that help each other spreading good and knowledge .

Karla Iris

A lovely and satisfying experience . How beautifully and scientifically the personality types were described !.... The description has left me asking for more . Looking forward to the October 2018 gathering.
A gathering where questions of the wandering mind are most welcome and agreeing to the answers is a choice.
Thank you Naturality and Shivagi for happening to me Naturally . Thankyou Jivashu ji .

Tanya A C

Thank you for the most generous and illuminating introduction to Naturality, I was able to feel who I am in my natural state and be inspired to continue in walking the path of the natural Self. The amount of knowledge I’ve received is vast, but presented in the way that is easily absorbed. Thank you again Jivasu and Shivagi, for all your good efforts to share this invaluable knowledge

Margarita Kristof